Sunday, 27 January 2013

A blanket of snow passes

It has been a cold fortnight here in Britain. After a very wet December the snow arrived with a vengeance a week ago. This caused lots of problems on the roads, trains, and in the airports. Many flights were canceled, cars abandoned, and schools closed. Why is that Britain seems to cope so much worse in wintry conditions than other Northern European countries?

The fun side of it for me was having a snowball fight with my young daughter in the back garden. Scooping up handfuls of snow and chucking it at each other, we quickly transformed our pristine snow covered garden into a mess. Driving around in the car was less fun. One had to be particularly careful on the smaller roads, which were not gritted.

Here are a few photos I took.

Now with milder more rainy conditions, the snow is fast turning to water. Hopefully this will not lead to floods.