Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Thanks Joseph

I would like to thank Joseph Pulikotil for giving me this blog award. It's truly an honour.

Joseph blogs here: A MAN ON THE MOVE

I find his blog extremely interesting and inspiring. Since Joseph comes from my native place - Kerala - it's always a pleasure to read his posts; they usually contain lovely photos from back home.

Blogging for me is a part-time activity that has to be balanced with work and family commitments. Personally, I like to read around my subject before I write about it. So it's as much a learning experience as it is a hobby.

I'm still trying to improve my blogging skills. I regard Joseph, however, as an accomplished blogger. His blog always attracts a regular stream of visitors from different parts of the world. Please do visit his blog.


Amrita said...

Hi JI, yours is an exceptional blog

JI said...

Thanks Amrita. I enjoy reading your posts too. The spiritual dimension is what really appeals to me.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi JL:)

Many thanks for the praises you have heaped on my blog. Neither do I spend much time in blogging.As you will note I write a post only once a week but keep commenting on all the blogs from where I get a comment.In addition, I try to visit some new blogs when I get time.Blogging can be addictive and can get on ones nerves.So I deliberately try to control the urge to keep writing too many posts in a week. After all blogging should make us happy.

Your blogs are extremely good because you do so much pains tsking research and so much thought you give to your posts.However, since you are restricting to religious matters mostly your readership suffers.This is what I think. Besides, I think you are not visiting other blogs which have similar interests like yours and writing comments.

Your blogs sharpens and strengthens my faith. I also get a chance to open up my heart on my religious beliefs without any hold when I visit your blog which I cannot do in other blogs with exceptions like Amrita's,Mel's and Fred's.

My best wishes to you and your wonderful family,

JI said...

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your advice. You're right that I tend to restrict my posts to religion nowadays. I think that reflects my own path. I have become very interested in learning more about Christianity. I was interested in others religions too, but found the Christian religion better able to answer my inner questions in a consistent manner.

I'm not too bothered about attracting many more visitors to my blog. If I can meet some likeminded individuals, such as yourself, all well and good. But this is as an education for me as much as it is a hobby.

I think etiquette is important when blogging. Some people don't even return a comment after you have commented on their blog. You're not like that.

Best wishes,

Kiran Ignatius said...

Yes, JI, your blog does rock. I was busy lately and had put blogging on the back burner.
Good to be back, and good to see your posts... liked your Chinese characters post.
Regards and prayers,

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi JL,

Don't be disappointed about bloggers not coming back to comment. I have the same experience. If I comment on ten blogs one or two will respond.Nothing can be done about it. Blogging world is like that.

The point is to keep visiting new bloggers until you get a sizable numbers of friends whom you can depend on on. Try visiting five to ten new blogs every week if you have the time. I am sure you will be a great success.

Best wishes,