Wednesday, 14 December 2011

"I love Jesus"

My wife asked our eight year old daughter what Christmas meant to her. She replied it meant the birth of Jesus. Since she liked drawing, my wife asked her to draw something to do with Jesus.

She thought of a petal. Puzzled by this idea my wife asked her, "Why a petal?"

"Because Jesus is perfect like a petal," she replied.

She drew some flowers on a piece of paper and coloured them in. Then in the middle of the paper she drew a heart and within that she wrote these words:

Jesus is like a delicate petal.
Everything He does is perfect.
How can anybody be bad to Him?
He is the light of the world.
I love him deep down in my heart.

He will lead us in the right path.

Don’t you think these are wonderful words to describe Jesus? They capture a child's innocent love for Him.

When my daughter asked my wife whether Jesus was proud of her, my wife replied "Yes". I’m sure He is, and so am I.