Sunday, 13 March 2011

Japan earthquake and tsunami

We watch with horror at the scenes of destruction wrought by the devastating earthquake off the coast of Japan and the tsunami it triggered. The powerful waves that spread across the shores of Japan did so as effortlessly and destructively as ink dropped on a sheet of virgin paper. At least 1,300 people are known to have died but the final death toll is likely to be much higher. If it wasn’t for the fact that buildings in Japan are designed to withstand earthquakes, I’m sure the carnage would have been much greater.

We are reminded once again of our frailty in the face of nature. Despite our best efforts, which do seem impressive to our human eyes, we are still extremely vulnerable to the worst that nature can throw at us. We are reminded also how fragile and short our existence on this earth is. We may be alive one minute but dead the next without even a hint of the unexpected. The humanist sees in this the reason to live life enjoying the fleeting pleasures of the world; but for the god fearing man this is justification for why he should live for the glory of God each day, so that when the moment of death finally arrives he is as prepared as possible for his salvation.

Let us remember the people of Japan and stand united with them in this time of need. O Lord, give them strength to cope with this tragedy and rebuild their lives. We pray for aid workers, soldiers, medical personnel and governments; that they are able to work together and help the injured, the bereaved and the lost. Let this tragedy open new avenues for partnerships and peace. Finally, let this remind us the need to turn back to you O Lord.


Steve Finnell said...

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Amrita said...

The loss and devastation is unimaginable. My heart goes out to the people of Japan