Sunday, 9 December 2012

London Christmas Lights 2012

Last week we went to Central London with some friends to see the Christmas lights, which are an annual feature of the city during this season. We started our trip at Oxford Street, the busiest shopping street in Europe, and walked down to Bond Street passing Regent Street and Carnaby Street on our way.

There were plenty of people. Some were shoppers, some were tourists, and some, like us, who had just come to see the lights. Walking along the pavements, looking at the lights all around, one had to be careful not bump into other people.

There was a wide variety of colourful lights on display: they hung on street lamps, over the front of shops, and across the roads, suspended on wires. The lights on some of the big shops like John Lewis and Selfridges looked quite spectacular.

It was an interesting and enjoyable outing. We walked a lot but with so much to see we didn't it mind it at all. My nine year old daughter especially enjoyed the trip. The dazzling array of lights were well worth seeing. I have included here some of the snaps that I took.


Ellen said...

Ohh I'm just like a kid when I see gorgeous lights. I would expect them to be so much more spectacular up real close than these pictures. What a thrill!

Thanks for sharing.
The best of the holiday season to you and your family.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello JL,

Greetings and good wishes.

Lovely photos. Christmas is probably the only festival which lights up the whole world.

Wish you and your wonderful family a fantastic new year.